Gunther Campus Manager 1

A message from the Campus Manager: Women’s Month

During the month of August, we celebrate women in South Africa; women who’ve made history and women who are shaping our future.

As a male in the artisan world, I see increasingly more female learners break through the stereotype that the world of artisans is for men only.  What excites me the most is to see how our male and female learners are working together, toe to toe in the workshops and on-site.

Our learners are realizing that it is not an either/or scenario, where men must now make way for females, or where the work of any of the sexes is valued more than the other.  We are moving towards exciting times where ‘history’ is becoming ‘her story’ and ‘his story and, ‘our story.

This month we salute all the women finding their place in the artisan industry. We are proud to have played our part in producing female electricians, female plumbers, female bricklayers, female carpenters, and female welders. We always aim to equip and empower for excellence.

If becoming an artisan is something you would like to explore, contact our team of student advisors today and come and explore your options.

Happy Women’s Month!

Gunther Kietzmann

Campus Manager

Africa Skills Private College, George