Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) = Skills Audits + Needs Analysis

: A well-planned skills audit is essential to effective human resource development, as it reveals the skills required in your workplace. Africa Skills are in a position to complete, submit and assist your company in the execution of the plan, and will include the identified needs on your annual Workplace Skills Plan and reflect on training in the Annual Training Report.

To give you a competitive edge we will:

  • Plan, manage and implement all the training initiatives on your behalf as consulting human resource management experts
  • Provide you with comprehensive support during the implementation process
  • Ensure that your employees are committed to make the most of all training

BBBEE Services

Africa Skills will help you understand the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) system and benefit from it. You don’t need to be an expert on human resource management to understand and benefit from this process. However with our guidance you’ll find out what has to be done within your business to earn maximum points and what you can do in future to earn additional points and improve your overall score.

Africa Skills will assist you with consultation and project management of the BBBEE certification process to enable you to receive an improved rating.

Business Consultancy and coaching

Africa skills can offer you expert and sector specific consultancy on entrepreneurship and running your own business. Mr Rob Davies said in May 2013 that 5 out of 7 businesses fail in the first year and as a major player in job creation, everything must be done to prevent those failures. More often than not, small business owners experience one or more of the following reasons leading to potential failure

  • Owning a business for the wrong reasons
  • Poor money management
  • Too focused on small segment of the market, or trying to be everything for everyone
  • No business or marketing plan
  • Lack of a well-defined brand
  • Being everything in the business – from boss to bottle washer
  • Uncontrolled growth

Learning material licensing and accreditation

Africa Skills has more than 7 years experience in developing and registering SETA accredited training material, facilitator manuals, and assessment and moderation criteria  for their own internal use, as well as for clients who wishes to develop their own in-house training courses. Africa skills understand the SETA requirements and processes, and can help you fast-track the accreditation process.