Do you enjoy working with your hands? Waterproofing may be a profession you will enjoy. You will learn the process of making an object or structure waterproof or resistant to water. Application for waterproofing is applied to roofs, basements and other structures to create a waterproof barrier between the exterior and the interior of a home or other building.

Our Approach

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Moisture in a building can cause widespread damage to building elements and construction materials. Also, it can threaten or destroy a building’s structural foundation.

Entry Requirements:
No formal experience required; and Competence in communication and mathematical literacy NQF level
SAQA ID: 13912
Credits: 3 – 5
Duration: 2 Days

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The course provides students with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to successfully diagnose problems and recommend solutions related to structural waterproofing problems. Students will gain a thorough understanding of all forms of waterproofing in both new build and existing structures.

You will learn the fundamentals of waterproofing design, the types of materials used, and the considerations for selecting a waterproofing system to meet the requirements of a building project.