Ward Councillor 

The specific functions of a councillor are not comprehensively dealt with in legislation, although Section 53 of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000, does direct that each municipality must ‘define the specific role and area of responsibility of each political structure and political office bearer of the municipality and of the municipal manager’ and within that define how the councillors and municipal managers and other staff members should interact.

We offer the solution to this challenge!

Our accredited skills programme will equip the delegate with knowledge and skills to contribute positively to their municipality and community. Community leaders can only be successful if they understand the communities and the people they have to service. You can only be effective if you go to the people you want to serve, learn from them, understand their conditions and work for change at a pace that they can accept.


  • The role of a municipality and it’s responsibility to the community are explained with examples;
  • Community needs are identified and explained in the context of municipal service delivery;
  • The oversight role of the municipal councillor is explained in the context of municipal service requirements;
  • The various stakeholders involved at community level in Local Government service delivery are identified and plans for bringing them together to achieve service delivery objectives are explained with examples;
  • Public participation and related Ward Committee plans are identified and explained with examples according to specific councillor contexts; and
  • The process for ensuring alignment of the various Local Government objectives with the councillor context is explained via case studies.

Entry Requirements:
Competence in communication and mathematical literacy NQF level. No formal experience required.
SAQA ID: 244183
Credits: 6
Duration: 2 Days

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