The Supervisor

The development of supervisory skills is important when considering career advancement and development of your employees. The supervisor has to lead a team and supervise performance.

This programme will enable the supervisor to identify and solve problems, to enhance performance of the group and to apply a code of conduct to own decisions. The supervisor will be able to communicate effectively and evaluate information by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the group or an individual. Applied competence in the workplace will benefit the employer, employee and the team.

Our Approach

A successful Supervisor is sufficiently competent to deal with the emotions of his/her team in order to prevent and/or solve conflict. The best attribute is to unite the team; to verbalise the goals; to create a positive climate in the work area; to implement effective work methods and over and above all: to allow differences of opinions and opportunities for discussions


  • Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension regarding own responsibilities in the workplace;
  • Identify own role in the workplace;
  • Utilise different strategies to manage conflict;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of teamwork; and
  • Develop an action plan to improve team’s performance

Entry Requirements:
No formal experience required; and Competence in communication and mathematical literacy NQF level
SAQA ID: 13912
Credits: 3 – 5
Duration: 2 Days

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