debtSAVVY: Manage Personal Finances

We all have grown up in different families and have different values, and invariably we have all been exposed to different ways of dealing with money. We all need money. We cannot do without it, but more money is not always the answer. Better use of it, however is!

In our walk of life we cannot always avoid the thorns and stones, but walking barefoot causes more pain. To enjoy the journey we can choose to wear shoes and step over these hindrances with ease. debtSAVVY is like putting on your financial shoes to overcome financial hindrances like overspending, impulsive buying, waste, comparison, stinginess, greed, mismanagement and eventually being in debt.

Qualifying learners are able to:

  • Understand personal finance.
  • Plan and prepare a personal budget.
  • Operate a personal bank account.


  • The scope of this unit standard is for any person who needs to manage his or her personal finances.
  • In the context of this unit standard, personal finance includes, but is not limited to, earnings, other income, inflation, savings, financial planning, taxes, expenditure, statutory and other deduction

Entry Requirements:
No formal experience required; Competence in communication and mathematical literacy NQF level 1.
SAQA ID: 243189
Credits: 8
Duration: 3 Days

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