Do you enjoy constructing and mixing materials together?

Bricklaying is literally the foundation of the construction world. It has year-round work and is always in demand. Jobs can range from big building sites to repairs and even decorations. Working as a bricklayer means placing and securing bricks or other building blocks with mortar, and using precision tools to make sure everything is sturdy and even. It also means a lot of job-satisfaction once the project is done. If you enjoy physical work and have a good sense of symmetry, as well as strong arms then this career is for you!

Entry Requirements:
Grade 11 with Math Literacy
Duration: 3 Years per Certificate

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Our Bricklaying course is one of the most sought after and trusted training options offered in South Africa. It is a sought-after qualification in the industry, with promising career opportunities. This study field has been identified as part of the critical skills shortage in South Africa. It is recommended for students wishing to register for an Apprenticeship.

By making training and skills development available to people, be it in the form of learnerships, artisan courses, short courses or workplace training – we can help people to equip themselves and stand a better chance of escaping poverty. This would give South Africa a more skilled workforce, in the position to innovate and empower – also to bring new ideas to the country to combat challenges we face and excel our economy.

The practical component of Artisan Training is offered in a simulated workplace environment
and at the workplace.